Dissolved Inorganic Carbon (DIC) Analyzer

Model AS-C3

Apollo SciTech's DIC analyzer is ideal for natural water sample measurements. This analyzer has the advantage of using a small sample volume (0.1 ~1.5 ml, preferred 0.5-1 ml). This feature is particularly useful for analysis of coastal waters, sediment porewaters, and time series incubation water samples. Such samples often have large concentration differences and thus require a 100% extraction of CO2 from the sample within a short period.

The analyzer has a fast rate (within 3 minutes per analysis) and very high precision (±0.1% or better for surface seawater). The analyzer consists of a solid state infrared CO2 detector (LI 7000); a mass-flow-controller, which is used to control the carrier gas flow precisely; a digital pump for transferring accurate amounts of samples and standards. The analyzer uses an electronic cooling system to control the reactor temperature (< 3°C), and with a Nafion dry tube, reduces the water vapor, enabling the analyzer to be drift-free and maintenance-free for a long time. The analyzer is controlled via a computer. The sample and the standard volume can be changed. Thus the analyzer has a broad analytical range. Water salinity and H2S content do not affect analysis.


  • Power Supply: Universal (100-240 V)
  • Carrier Gas: N2, ~15 psi (1 atm)
  • Precision: ±2 µmol/kg
  • Sample Volume: 0.5-1.5 mL per analysis
  • Time: ~3 minutes per analysis
  • Communication: RS 232, USB
  • Environment: Shipboard or land-based laboratory

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