Total Alkalinity Titrator

Model AS-ALK2

There are several general purpose acid-base titrators available commercially. Apollo SciTech's AS-ALK2 is one that truly automates the Gran titration procedure (include controlling the titration and standardization procedures and the calculation of the final result).

AS-ALK2 is designed for both laboratory and shipboard use with small sample volume (10-25 mL) and high precision (0.1% or better). The titrator is fully-automated with standardization and sample analysis. AS-ALK2 provides Gran titration for alkalinity determination of both seawater and brackish waters. Full temperature control is provided on all liquids.

The Total Alkalinity Titrator system, model AS-ALK2. Water jackets are used to surround the digital syringes for temperature control. For best data quality, a water bath must be used to supply water with a constant temperature to control the titration temperature.


  • Power Supply: Universal (100-240 V)
  • Repeatability: ± 1-2 µmol/kg
  • Sample Volume: 10-25 mL (switch syringe for volume less than 10 mL or use a balance to weigh the sample)
  • Time required: ~8 minutes per titration
  • Communication: RS 232, USB
  • Environment: Shipboard or land-based laboratory